People Have Visited Our Cemeteries For More Than 150 Years

As a not-for-profit cemetery, we don’t turn your family’s loss into massive profits. We focus on your needs and nothing else.

Our gardens reflect Windsor’s rich, cultural diversity by respecting all cultures and faiths from around the world. We’ve dedicated areas of the cemetery to reflect different religious traditions and customs from around the world — from Catholic to non-denominational and all nationalities.

Windsor Grove and Windsor Memorial Gardens operate under the following Cemetery Operator licences:

Windsor Grove – Licence # CM-00684

Windsor Memorial Gardens – Licence # CM-00686

For a current copy of our By-Laws and Regulations, click here.

Windsor Memorial Gardens Cemetary

“Windsor Memorial folks have a wonderful attitude. When you’re grieving, those are the people you want helping you. You don’t want someone pushing you to buy anything you don’t need.”

Oliver Warlock

Our Story

We love coming to work everyday. From our pristine gardens to our massive family of clients, Windsor Memorial is home to everyone.

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