People Have Visited Our Cemeteries For More Than 150 Years

Our two cemeteries continue to maintain time-honoured burial sections, with both upright granite monuments and flat markers.

Our downtown location, Windsor Grove, was established in 1866 when the municipality was just 12 years old. The cemetery’s evolution and expansion has mirrored the city’s history with many of Windsor’s founders and early community leaders laid to rest here.

As the small town grew and blossomed, so did the cemetery. Windsor Grove, the original downtown location, still provides picturesque scenery for the many visitors who stroll through lush-green grounds. Walking trails meander east and west between Mercer Street and Marentette Avenue, taking visitors as far north as Giles Boulevard and then south to Shepherd Street.

Perhaps one of the most famous inhabitants of Windsor Grove is Gordon McGregor, who helped establish Ford Canada in Windsor in 1904. His funeral cortege in 1922 was at the time, the largest ever in Windsor.

Frederic Scott Seagrave, a highly successful local fire truck manufacturer born in the U.S., is interred in an unusual dome-shaped mausoleum on the Windsor Grove grounds. Seagrave’s factory still stands on Walker Road.

More than 100 years after Windsor Grove opened its gates, Windsor Memorial Gardens was established. The spacious grounds opened in 1968 and has continued its lengthy history by expanding services to meet the diverse needs of the community.

This latest sprawling garden will provide families with the perfect resting place many more years. Plenty of land around the existing burial grounds have been purchased for future expansion. For the past 50 years, families have been visiting our South Windsor site for a peaceful stroll through our immaculate grounds stretched out alongside a massive urban forest.

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