Body Interment


We’ve expanded our mausoleum to offer tandem crypts, which can fit up to two entombments in one.

  • Single Crypt

  • Tandem Crypt

Once known as the “Burial of Kings,” mausoleum entombment has become more common and affordable. Caskets are placed in specially designed crypts that fit your specific needs.

Cost of Services

WMG – Range from $10,500.00 to $21,000.00
WG – Tandem Crypts – $6,500.00



There are several options for resting your loved one’s ashes outdoors in our immaculate garden.

  • Cremation burials

  • Outdoor Niches

People can select cremation and have their ashes buried. If preferred, each tomb can have more than one person. We can also store your urns and ashes in our outdoor columbariums.

Cost of Services

Cremation – Flat Marker Sections
Single  –  $475.00
Companion (2 people)  –  $715.00

All Brass and Ceramic Urns  –  $325.00
All Urn Vaults  –  $199.00

Body Interment


We have a wide selection of options for anyone looking for a more traditional burial.

  • Single graves

  • Double graves

  • Double-depth graves

Our garden has plenty of room for flat or upright headstones. Outside of single graves, we also offer side-by-side double graves and double-depth  graves (two burials in a single deepened grave).

Cost of Services

Adult Graves
$1,155.00 – $1,240.00

$1,010.00 – $1,400.00



Cremated remains may be placed in a single or double niche, with glass or marble covers, depending on your preference.

  • Marble Front Niches

  • Glass Front Niches

  • LED lighted glass front Niches

Our mausoleums offer plenty of space for niches that can be designed in a fashion that best reflects the lives and personalities of your loved ones. The possibilities are only limited by your imaginations.

Cost of Services

WMG – Range from $900.00 to $3,500.00
WG – Tandem Niches Only – $650.00

All Brass and Ceramic Urns – $325.00
All Urn Vaults – $199.00

Monuments and Markers

We have partners who provide some of the finest monuments and markers for our gardens. Because we’re home to all faiths and cultures, we’ve dedicated sections of the cemetery to reflect different religious traditions and customs.

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